Made with a cropped 33 on each side, bottom panel for support and 4 studs to raise it off any surface, this over the shoulder bag has a 43" (109cm) strap and is fully lined, and big enough to hold all your daily needs (up to and including an entire bottle of wine, ask how I know.)

It stands nicely on it's own, and catches the eye of everyone around. Can be customizable (lining colour, strap length, and your choice of records on hand or provide your own) at no extra cost. 


Made from the original album sleeves and sewn together wrapped in durable clear vinyl, these pocketbook style wallets are 3.5"x7" (~9cmx18cm) and hold your bills, love letters, coupons and receipts.


A smaller but no less eye catching counterpart to the 33, this bag has one 45 on the front, and has an outer zip pocket on the back, and has a 50" (127cm) over the shoulder strap to sit comfortably at the hip. It's got less storage, perfect for date nights or people who don't need everything and the kitchen sink in their bag.

Liner, strap length and record choice are all customizable.


Whether you have your own record you want to provide, or you want to change the purse to fit your style, contact me and we can design something perfect for you. Add pockets, take away a back record, turn it into a clutch... 


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