March Meet the Maker

Hello lovelies, and welcome to my (sure to be inconsistent) blog! And what better time to start than March 1st, day one of "March Meet the Maker".

Day 1: Story

I started making things for myself out of a desperate need to not fit in (not actually my intention, but definitely my result). I would see people in foreign magazines and on TV and was Amazed with a capitol A. Goths! Ravers! Korean street fashion!? I NEEDED to look that cool. But I lived in a very small town, online shopping was not yet a thing really, and even if it was, my tweenage self did not have the money. I did, however, have a mom who taught me to sew buttons at such an early age I don’t actually remember learning it.

I started with simpler things: painting jeans and altering pyjama pant patterns to make really wide legged pants. Sewing panels of cool fabric onto tshirts and things. I found shrink plastic, which meant I could make the jewellery I wanted that I couldn’t find anywhere (hint: lots of anatomical hearts and skulls). That was fun, but shrink plastic is not durable. I discovered resin and started pouring that into everything I could. I started making my own sewing patterns and doing more complex revamps of things in my closet.

Skip forward to years later when I convinced a group of friends to go splits with me on a run of enamel pins at cost so I could test the waters of pin making. It worked, I jumped for joy, I immediately went back to making… Anatomical hearts and skulls. See? Consistency.

Over the years I’ve sought out many artistic endeavours, taking silversmith and glassworking classes; working for and with fashion designers and artists. I’m lucky that my current 9-5 is also spent in the creative world.

So hi! I’m Kristina. I like spooky things and buying fabric. I’m also partial to glitter, sequins, and rainbows. My first enamel pin was a bottle of nail polish and my first purse was the leg of a pair of jeans that I bedazzled.

2007-2017. I'm nothing if not consistent (and kinda weird.)

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