July 12, 2018

More pins are on their way!

The first set I'm showing off are 5 more LGBTQ hearts that are currently in the preorder stage. Aromantic, Intersex, Non binary, Gender fluid, and Lipstick lesbian. These are all flags that were requested after my last launch, and I really ho...

April 23, 2018

It's been a long time coming but finally the original Tamed Raven record purse has a little sister! This sweet over the shoulder purse has one 45 on the front and a zip pocket on the back. The straps are offset to help snug it to your body and make it easier for you to...

April 8, 2018


I'll be at the Etsy Made in Canada spring sale in Mahone Bay, NS selling purses, bags, pins and other purse-accessories. I am so happy to have been accepted and can't wait to see who else will be there to spend money on. Time to make more record purses.....

March 22, 2018

Being a part of the LGBT community means I have a lot of loved ones who I hear talking about the lack of pride swag that isn't a rainbow. I knew I had to expand on my heart pins to include a few more groups (and hopefully more again in the future!)

Introducing the newes...

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